Free Powerpoint Slide Templates

Use Wordle to create impressive Powerpoint Word Clouds

Here's how:


2. Create your first Cloud

Create Cloud

Click on "Create".

3. Paste your Text

Create Cloud

Paste your text in the textarea, which should appear in word cloud.

4. Randomize Result

Create Cloud

Click "Randomize" until you like the result.

5. Customize

Create Cloud

If you want to have it more customized, change the settings in menu bar. You should create your own color palette.

6. Print

Create Cloud

Click on "Print".

Create Cloud

Choose a virtual Printer to create a file like PDF or JPEG. I use the free tool PDF-Creator, which can create images. You can download this PDF-Creator here for free. If you use it, be sure to change the quality of your pics to 100% in the settings.

7. Insert

Insert your Word Cloud in your Powerpoint Slide. Done!